The Do-Over – Georgia Beers & Lori Prince (narrator)


I’ve been a little disappointed with a couple of Georgia Beers’ latest books but definitely not this one. 

Bella Hunt is an accomplished woman, happy in her life, both personal and professional. She’s managed to put her awful high school years behind her and move forward. Until one of the people responsible for the awfulness of these years enters her life again. Easton Evans is coming to terms with the end of her marriage to her high school sweetheart, having finally admitted to herself and to those close to her that she likes women. When as part of her new job she ends up in a conflict resolution class taught by Bella, she’s immediately charmed by the woman, not realizing she’s the girl Easton and her friends were so mean to as teenagers.

Beers’ writing is delicious and Lori Prince’s narration is amazing, perfectly suited to Beers’ light humor and sweet characters. I particularly enjoyed the fantastic best friends on both sides, and the banter all around.

My only complaint is that I felt Bella took way too long to reveal who she was and while I get why and how, it still took too much place in the story in some way. Yet it touches on the very sensitive topic of bullying and the way Beers deals with it is impressive. Not often do we get to see both sides and how it affects everyone in different ways. Kids like Bella have to be so strong to survive those years, they should be celebrated, and that’s in part what this book does. That whole « it gets better » thing? It can be true and that’s heartwarming.

I liked many things in this novel, one being the relationship between Easton and her ex-husband, the love and respect between them felt real. Every character felt real as a matter of fact. And I also liked that while when they were teenagers Easton was the one who appeared to be comfortable with herself (at least on the outside), when they meet again as adults Bella is the one who’s (mostly) put together and Easton is working on being herself.

And I loved the ending, just loved it. Too often endings in romances feel rushed. This one is perfect.

The Do-Over @ Lesbian audiobooks

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