Steel City Confidential (Steel City Series Book 1) – Anne Hagan

When I opened this book, I had no idea what I was going to read. I’d seen Anne Hagan’s call for ARC readers and as I’d meant to read her books for a while, I answered the call.

The first two pages had me reading with a big grin on my face. First because the story begins on July 2nd, which is one of my favorite days, as it’s the day I first kissed the love of my life and the day we got married twenty years later. I took that as a sign this book was meant for me. Then I read on and one of the first characters we meet is Thelma Dickinson, who supposedly died in 1991 when the car she and her best friend were in fell into the Grand Canyon. It was like meeting with a long-lost friend again. I was twenty in 1991, Thelma & Louise was such an important movie in my life.

The grin didn’t stay on my lips much longer, not because this book is bad, quite the opposite. It’s a legal thriller, a really good one at that, and you can’t keep grinning when reading such stories. I love legal mysteries and thrillers (which is why I enjoy Carsen Taite’s books so much) when they are well thought and well written, such as this one. I also liked that it was quite a bit longer than most lesfic books I read these days, and it had good reasons to be.

I don’t want to spoil more than I already have so all I’ll say is this: if you’re looking for an intricate story, with no loose ends, interesting and detailed characters and plot twists that will make you feel your brain working, look no further. And enjoy. As for me, I’m going to watch Thelma & Louise again.

Steel City Confidential @ Anne Hagan’s website

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