A Brighter Palette (Colors, #1) – Brigham Vaughn

This was an interesting read. Things start really fast between Annie and Siobhán, and when I say fast I mean it. They’re already having sex in like the first three pages of the story. And the sex is hot, I’m not complaining. Neither is Annie, by the way, even though it’s very unlike her (the sex at first sight, not the not complaining).

They both realize very soon that they’re not in this only for the sex, having apparently fallen in love within minutes. I’m not a big fan of insta-love but having myself fallen for my wife in probably less than a minute, I know it happens. Which brings me to the more interesting part of the story: the relationship. And the big words that come with it: trust and communication.

Annie and Siobhán are not really good at either at first, with Annie’s bisexuality complicating things for Siobhán, who has been betrayed before by a bi woman and has trouble not lumping all bi women in the same betrayal. I thought Annie was very patient with her, but seeing as Siobhán seems to be bringing so much color to her life, it’s probably worth it. I have hope for them at any rate and will check out the second book in the series ASAP.

A Brighter Palette @ Brigham Vaughn’s website

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