Ardulum: Second Don – J.S. Fields

[Edit: In hindsight, now that I’ve read the whole trilogy and the anthology Tales from Ardulum, giving these books 4* wasn’t fair so I went up to 5*. I’m happy now.]

Ardulum: Second Don picks up when the first one ended, with Neek, Emn and Nicholas in a stolen Mmnnuggl pod trying to figure out what to do next and searching for Ardulum.

What I like best about this series so far is the world building, with this book introducing us to even more planets and species. I also love the fact that gender is shown as non-binary and the use of pronouns in that process.

As in Ardulum: First Don, I often felt like I had no idea what was going on (in a good way). I couldn’t see the big picture, which made me relate even more to the characters. And though this episode is darker than the first one (which wasn’t really light either), the start of a romance brings both hope and complexity to the story.

Ardulum: Second Don @ NineStar Press

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