Salvaggio’s Light – C.L. Cattano

This is a review for the whole series (books 1 to 10).

One thing has to be said : this author’s imagination as to ways to keep characters apart when they’re obviously meant to be together knows no limit. After I read the first book in this serial, I was concerned I’d get bored really fast because it felt the author was telling most of the story and not showing much. But the writing is much better in the following books, and there’s so much happening, I didn’t have time to get bored!

Then halfway through, the story gets even darker. The first books were ok, but I liked the second half much more. It deals with PTSD, depression and anxiety but although it’s a bit repetitive sometimes, it’s never without hope. Lessons learned: never assume anything is impossible and don’t let miscommunication ruin your relationship. I hope the MCs can remember these, especially the second one 😉

Salvaggio’s Light @ amazon

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