Miserere – Caren J. Werlinger

Why do I keep forgetting how much I love Caren J. Werlinger’s books? They have this subtle beauty, you start reading and after a while, without realizing it, you’re not reading anymore, you’re in there, in the story. This is the third or fourth book I read by Werlinger, and it’s just as beautifully written, as captivating as the previous ones. 5*, no hesitation.

Miserere @ Bella Books

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  1. […] ‘Face the Wind’ is the sequel to one of my favourite books last year, ‘When the Stars Sang’. As spotty as my memory can be, I have never forgotten Little Sister Island, its atmosphere, the emotions Kathleen’s story evoked. I didn’t expect to have the opportunity to visit again and I’m very grateful to the author for making it happen. I was also reminded more than once of another novel by Caren Werlinger that I loved, ‘Miserere’. […]


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