Clichéd Love: A Satirical Romance – Lynn Galli

I love many genres and am always happy to discover new books and new authors but my favorite is still and always lesbian romance. So as I opened this novel, I was wondering whether I would feel Lynn Galli had a point (she’s a lesbian romance writer, she’s knows what she’s talking about, one of my favorite books is Mending Defects) or if I would be somewhat offended by her eye-rolling main character.

Vega is a writer and a self-described « cynical doomsday bitch » whose current projet leads her to Seattle to interview gay and lesbian couples about falling in love. She doesn’t believe in love at first sight or all the clichés her interviewees keep using to describe their relationships.

One of the things I really liked is that as cynical and judgmental as Vega can be, she’s never mean. She hates clichés but I think underneath it all, she loves people as much as she loves writing. She’s also not above admitting she’s been wrong about anything, including love, or herself.

Another thing I loved is that while this is a story about love, it’s also (and maybe even more) a story about friendship and what being a friend really means.

And it’s funny. Very funny. Lynn Galli’s books usually are. This one was over much too soon (not because it’s too short, because I read too quickly) and I was sad to leave my new friends behind. I’ll be sure to read it again.

Clichéd Love @ amazon

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