A Theory of Love – Kate Christie

There’s something about the way Kate Christie writes that really gets to me, in a good way, but also makes it difficult for me to review her books. For some reason, I find them both delightful and painful. She gets in my head and sometimes triggers my anxiety and I’m not sure why.

But that’s also why I love most of her books. Because they feel real to me.

And I’m always going back for more. So the last one I read was this, A Theory of Love. There are many things I love: the chemistry between Eva and Cass; the fact that secondary characters are really well developed and are there for a reason; that one of the MCs has dyslexia and the way it’s dealt with; the same with loss; and much more. Eva got on my nerves at time, especially because she hurt Cass more than once with her going back and forth, but I get where she’s coming from and if Cass can find it in her heart to forgive her, I can too 😉 And it doesn’t feel far-fetched either.

So, all in all, a very good read that I’d recommend to anyone who likes a love story between nice people who deserve a happy end.

A Theory of Love @ Bella Books

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