Sophomore Surge (Sophie Fournier #2) – K.R. Collins

At the end of Breaking the Ice, many reviewers, myself included, wondered whether we’d get some romance in the next book. It made sense that there wasn’t any in the first one: Sophie was eighteen, the first woman drafted into the NAHL, very focused on her first season and not giving anyone reason to get … Continue reading Sophomore Surge (Sophie Fournier #2) – K.R. Collins

Breaking the Ice (Sophie Fournier #1) – K.R. Collins

Before I discovered lesfic, I never thought it could be that much fun to read about sports. I mean, I often find watching sports boring, even those I understand (unless I'm in the stands, and there's noise and enthusiasm and all), so how could it be interesting without only words and no images? And yet. … Continue reading Breaking the Ice (Sophie Fournier #1) – K.R. Collins