Swift Vengeance – Jean Copeland & Jackie D. & Erin Zak

Swift Vengeance is a paranormal thriller with a healthy dose of romance. Months after a motorcycle accident that almost killed her, Brittany starts getting visions, terrifying, bloody visions. As much as she’d like to ignore them, she feels she’s getting them for a reason and follows them to Swift Island, in New England. A few … Continue reading Swift Vengeance – Jean Copeland & Jackie D. & Erin Zak

Spellbound – Jackie D. & Jean Copeland

4.5* The blurb intrigued me, the result was even better than I expected. Raven Dare is a shadowhunter, bound by a curse on her family to Morgan, the Queen of Witches. Her job is to help Morgan keep the balance between realms, by fighting demons, hellhounds and other nasty creatures. So when Morgan sends her … Continue reading Spellbound – Jackie D. & Jean Copeland